Top: Doug Wilde, Rich Greenspoon, Bob Cohen -
Below: David Woodhead, Colleen Allen

“complex, orchestrated music, complete with unusual time signatures, backed by the stellar Confabulation...
There’s a lot to absorb, but the melodies get embedded in your head.” - Penguin Eggs magazine review of the Confabulation CD.

The Confabulation: The World of Tomorrow
Woodhead, Cohen and Wilde: X Revisited at Musideum
David Woodhead (on gourd banjo) with David Essig - "Leaders Of Men"
Woodhead, Cohen and Wilde play "The Windy Apples" at Musideum
The Confabulation Large Band plays "A Balloon In Traffic" at Hugh's Room, Toronto
From the Tranzac Club, July 5, 2013 ---- Bozeny Parasy
from the Dominion on Queen show, Dec 19, 2012   -  Nothing for Something
A visit to Roots Music Canada in their Woodshed Studio: David,  Jaron and Doug with interview and two tunes live -  WATCH1
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Confab’ul/ate, v.i.
  1: engage in conversation: talk.
  2: fabricate imaginary experiences as compensation
       for loss of memory...

    It’s all about interplay - musical conversations and
fabrications from an imaginary coffeehouse late one
night in a distant past, or an imminent future...

    Featuring David Woodhead’s fanciful instrumentals,
powerful Oliver Schroer tunes, ukulele excursions
and fearless improvisation.,. with occasional Lord
Buckley rants and Neruda poems.

    Some long-term musical relationships and some brand new.
The Confabulation is a unique collaboration of adventurous
performance veterans with like-minded stellar young players.

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The Confabulation CD


Listen to:   
Clap Your  Hands, Charlie                 - the Confabulation

Bozeny Parasy                                       - the Confabulation

Coffeehouse Days  - the Confabulation featuring Cedric Smith

To order, just send $20 Cdn to David Woodhead at:
133 Albany Ave, Toronto, ON, M5R 3C5, Canada
Cheque or money order, postage included, no boxtops necessary...

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Confabulators have included:

David Woodhead
Walter MacLean
Al Cross

Ben Whiteley
Christine Bougie
David Celia
Tara Davidson
 Jaron Freeman-Fox
Emilyn Stam
Rich Greenspoon
Cedric Smith
Rich Brown
Terry Jones
Noah Jones
Doug Wilde
Anne Lindsay
Colleen Allen
Richard Underhill
Joaquin Hidalgo
Bob Cohen

What People Are Saying About The Confabulation:

“an imaginative composer and producer who puts his supporting cast to work” 
             - Exclaim Magazine, Toronto, ON

“discoveries to get wow'ed about”  - The Province, Vancouver, BC
“exhilarating”   - CFUV, Victoria, BC
“layers of sound rich and poignant, mixing and blending a potent brew”
             - The Spirit of Rasputin’s, Ottawa, ON

“this group’s strength lies in its accessibly adventurous creative spirit” 
             - Roots Music Canada

“jazz, wild and free”  - The Coast Reporter, Sunshine Coast, BC

Confabulations have occurred at:

The Vancouver Folk Festival
Soc. of Performing Arts series, Gibsons, BC
The Vancouver Island Music Festival, Comox, BC
Hugh's Room, Toronto
Rasputin's concert series, Ottawa, ON
Hillside Festival, Guelph
The Tranzac Club, Toronto
The OCFF Conference, Ottawa, ON
The Vital Spark Folk Club, Brooklin, ON
The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
The Dominion on Queen, Toronto
The London Music Club, London, ON
Summerfolk Festival, Owen Sound
Blues Skies Festival, Clarendon, ON
Eaglewood Folk Festival
Shelter Valley Folk Festival, Grafton, ON
Sunfest World Music Festival, London, ON
Musideum, Toronto
Canterbury Folk Festival, Ingersoll, ON
Haliburton Forest Festival, Haliburton, ON
Home County Folk Festival, London, ON
C'est What, Toronto
The Crooked Stovepipe, Villa Nova, ON
The Wee Folk Club, Toronto
Silence, Guelph, ON
Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, Kingston, ON
The Moonshine Cafe, Burlington, ON
The Pearl Company Theatre, Hamilton, ON

Rich Greenspoon, Richard Underhill, David Woodhead, Doug Wilde, Jaron Freeman-Fox

We're the Porcupine Award Winners for 2011 in the Oliver Schroer Off Beat category - see here!

David Woodhead