David Woodhead's Upcoming Dates:

Jan. 10-13
Gordon Lightfoot tribute at Hugh's Room - Featuring The Good BrothersDALALori CullenKevin FoxJory Nash Justin Nozuka, Barney Bental and more to be announced! House Band: Burke CarrollJason FowlerDavid MathesonDavid Woodhead and Emcee: David Newland Toronto, ON
Jan 15
Bob Cohen's 3-Ring Circus at the Tranzac Club - 7:30 pm to 9:30 Toronto, ON
Jan 18
The Confabulation Quartet at The Burdock - doors open 6 pm,  6:30 start, with David Woodhead, Fern Lindzon, Colleen Allen, and Anne Lindsay.
Toronto, ON
Jan 23
In the house band for Lynn Harrison's "The Bridge" - the Tranzac Club large room
7:30 - 11:00 pm
Toronto, ON
Feb 2
w Donn Roberts at Art Square - 7:30 start
Toronto, ON
Feb 6
w Anne Lindsay and Charles James at the Princess Margaret Hospital
Music In The Atrium series - noon to 1:00 pm.
Toronto, ON
Feb 13-17
Folk Alliance International conference in Montreal
Montreal, QC
Mar 1
The Confabulation at Drom Taberna (Queen and Augusta) - 6:00 -8:30
David Woodhead, Doug Wilde, Bob Cohen, Rich Greenspoon, Colleen Allen.
Toronto, ON
Mar 9
Precious Little - outside-the-box music at the Tranzac Club,  7:30 - 9:30 pm
Toronto, ON
Mar 23
Betty and the Bobs - at Folkus concert series
Almonte, ON
Mar 30
Betty and the Bobs - at the Mariposa concert series
Barrie, ON
May 31
Stan Rogers Tribute at the Aeolian Hall
London , ON
April 21
The Confabulation at the the Tranzac Club,  7:30-9:30 Toronto, ON
June 12
David at the Haliburton "Telling Our Stories" Speaker's Series -
June 14
The Confabulation at The Jazz Room
July 5-7
The Confabulation Quartet at the Mariposa Folk Festival
Orillia, ON