David Woodhead's Upcoming Dates:

Sept 14
The Oriana Quartet (the Confabulation Quartet's new name!) at the Kensington Jazz Festival.
1:00 -2:00 pm at St. Stephen's Church, 103 Bellevue Ave. $20 at the door.
Toronto, ON
Sept 17
At Toronto Ravel - David is an invited guest improviser in the program - with much other discussion of Holst's Planets and film scoring. 10 am to 2 pm at Hugh's Room.
Toronto, ON
Sept 17
at Bob Cohen's 3Ring Circus - the Tranzac Club 7:30  - 9:30 pm
Toronto, ON
Sept 21
w Donne Roberts at the Distillery, 2:15 pm
Toronto, ON
Sept 28
The Oriana Quartet (the Confabulation Quartet's new name!) Showcase at the Folk Music Ontario Conference - 1:30 pm in the Vista Salon (Dirty Dishes Room).
Mississauga, ON
Oct 13
DW is a guest at More Songs and Poems with Max Layton, Terry Jones, Bob Cohen, Ed Roth and Mary Hanson.  At the Tranzac Club,  5:00  - 7:00 pm Toronto, ON
Nov 29/30
DW in the house band for the Stan Rogers Tribute at Hugh's Room Live -
Toronto, ON