Best known for his melodic and personal style on the fretless electric bass, David Woodhead has explored much musical territory on his own and with other notable travellers. His creative instrumental work has appeared on over 150 albums in the contemporary folk field, and he has worked with countless artists including Perth County Conspiracy and it's many branches, Garnet and Stan Rogers, Scott Merritt, Don Ross, Oliver Schroer, Loreena McKennitt, Gil Scott-Heron and Valdy.
        He started by playing banjo at grade school assemblies in Montreal, and his early summers in Vermont  provided much inspiration for the material on his first CD “Sweets and Conundrums”. His new "Confabulation" CD is a meeting of many of the worlds he's inhabited - from Cedric Smith's Coffeehouse Days "wig-bubble" to fanciful jazz-inflected concoctions featuring saxophonists Colleen Allen and Richard Underhill as well as Jaron Freeman-Fox's evocative violin sounds. 
         Always busy on the studio, concert, and festival scene, David has recently been gigging with his own Confabulation band as well as Malagasy guitarist Donne Roberts (African Guitar Summit) and flamenco rhumba specialists The Sultans Of String, both Juno award nominees, along with many others. He frequently appears at Toronto’s Hugh’s Room, and other performances have included the Montreaux Jazz festival, Guadalajara’s Fiesta de Octobre, two recent tours of the UK with James Keelaghan, and practically every contemporary folk venue and festival in Canada. He has produced many recordings for other musicians, including engineering and arranging credits, and scored television and film projects. He has done instruction at the Ottawa Folklore Center, the Goderich Celtic College and the Haliburton Winter Folk Camp. And now David's got a new obsession - watch out for a new approach to the ukulele!

CDs Produced by David Woodhead:

Max Layton - It's A Mystery To Me - 2014
Brian Katz - Leaves Will Speak - 2013
Max Layton - 2 The Max - 2012
David Woodhead's Confabulation -  Confabulation - 2010
Lynn Harrison - Simplicity - 2008

Betty and the Bobs - self - 2006
Max Layton  - The Heartbeat of Time - Maximus - 2006  
David Bradstreet - Lifelines - Subterranean - 2006
Rachel Kane  - Unravelling - Adam’s Rib - 2006
Terry Jones - The Hard Lesson - NoahZark - 2005
  Various Artists - The Coastline of Our Dreams - SGB - 2005
        (DW produced the Betty & the Bobs track this Ian Tamblyn Tribute)
Michael McConkey - Market Stage - Edible Landscaping - 2005
    Paul Gellman - On This Island - self - 2005
    Lynn Harrison - Broadview - Lynoleum  - 2005

Lynn Harrison - Learning Curve - Lynoleum Music - 2003
    Marie-Lynn Hammond - Pegasus - Vignettes Media - 2003
    Cedric Smith - Cedric Smith - self - 2003
Heather McLeod - Bones - Vizou/Ozone - 2002  
  Magoo - Shirt Pay  - KBM Enterprises - 2001
    Trio Franco (from Santiago, Cuba) - Strictly Cuban - Chaparral -2001
    Anne Lindsay  - Eavesdropping- Violindsay Music - 2001

  Lynn Harrison - Lynoleum - Lynoleum Music - 2000 
    David Woodhead - Sweets and Conundrums -  Woodhead Music -  1999.
    Chris Lowry - The Road Back Home - Lowry Productions - 1998.  
Rachel Kane - Groundwire - Adam’s Rib Productions- Dec. 1997.

Selected Concert Appearances:

UK and US tours with James Keelaghan, 2009 and 2010
Canada Live CBC taping with Donne Roberts, Ness Creek, Sask, 2010
 Home County Folk Festival, London, Ontario, 2001, 2005 (featured set)
Hillside Music festival, Guelph, Ontario, 2001 (featured set)
  Ottawa Folk Festival, Ottawa , Ontario, 2002 (featured set)
Annual benefits for People For Education - Aaron Davis, leader, 2004-6
Canada Day with Oliver Schroer at Harbourfront, Toronto,July 2000
Monterey World Music Festival, with Laurel MacDonald, Monterey, Ca, 1999
ames Keelaghan and the Edmonton Symphony, April, 1999
Don Ross at the Glenn Gould Theater, Toronto, Ontario, Dec. 9, 1998.
Mary Jane Lamond at the Lincoln Center, NYC, Aug. ‘96
"Stories from the Vinyl Cafe", CBC radio, the Glenn Gould Theatre, Sept 10, 1997.
ob Carpenter Benefits (May 27-8 1995): Bathurst Street United
    Church, Toronto. Acted as musical director/ co-ordinator.
Cedric Smith, Canada Day headliner, July 1, 1993,  Harbourfront, Toronto.
The Skydome, Toronto, also Detroit and Edmonton Symphony
    - Orchestra family series; children’s concerts with Eric Nagler.

  Loreena McKennitt at the Winter Garden Theatre, 1990.
  Montreux Jazz Festival, 1988: Eye Music (acoustic instrumental group also including
Don Ross, Oliver Schroer and Mark Duggan).
  Lahr, West Germany, 1988, CBC live taping with Nancy White,
Marie-Lynn Hammond and Murray McLaughlin.
  Valdy, Tour of the Maritimes, Fall 1987.
  Guadalajara, Mexico, New Orleans & Shreveport, Louisiana:
Dallas,Texas, 1983-4 with Festival of Friends troupe.
  Festival of Friends, Hamilton, Ontario, House Bassist 1981-90.
"Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave", with Sneezy Waters.
Vancouver Oct.’81; National Arts Centre, Dec.’81/Jan.’82
Stan Rogers: Rebecca Cohen Auditorium, Halifax, N.S, 1978
  Perth County Conspiracy: Massey Hall 1974-5;

and PCC annual events in Stratford, August,  2000- 2010